Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Today's seminar

Hi everyone,
I'm Max. Seminar so far has taught me lots of things. From the readings I learned deeply about the civil rights movement that had taken place in America, but from discusssion that we had on Monday and Wednesday, I was able to get more profound thoughts on the issue. Views and points that everyone had helped me to view the event with more dimensions.

In the book "Song of Solomon," there wasn't direct white oppression in the events but from the mentality that the main characters have showed how significantly white oppression was pressing blacks down. I looking forward to great discussion tomorrow.

I've only been in America for a year, so I'm still struggling with my English. So if the things that I say are not clear or doesn't make sense, please tell me. It'll help me a lot to learn more by everyone helping me out. Thank you.


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Karen O'Neil said...

Max, it is great to have your perspective in this seminar. You see us in a way that we can't possibly see ourselves, and you are remarkably articulate. I would not have guessed you'd only been here a year!