Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Answer to question 1

In the novel we meet the white priest who encounters Ruth through a friend at church. Immediatley he reacts descriminant towards her until the white woman introduces Ruth as a close friend of hers. After she is introduced the priest has a complete change in attitude towards the black woman, and accepts her because he is told to do so. In the novel we dont many whites because the book is based on the struggle between blacks with blacks, whereas we usaually read about the troubles between white and black.

responding to dr. noff-
Monday night we had a debate about whether Malcolm X or MLK was right. It was interesting to be in the Malcolm X group, because we had Brendan who didnt want to argue him what so ever because he thought he was wrong, and then we had Hannah who is all for peace, but yet was able to come up with valid arguments defending X. Our group as a whole came up with the point that X never advocated vi0lence upon whites, but he gave the activists a purpose in their beliefs.

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