Thursday, March 15, 2007

In the pictures we looked at during the seminar, I couldn't help but notice a recurring lack of response. For the most part, blacks being bitten by dogs, hazed at lunch counters, and humiliated, kept their reactions impassive. In replacement of violence, these void responses seem to have created the foundation of the entire civil rights movement. This absence of reaction is also found in Song of Solomon. When Hagar is attempting to kill Milkman, it was his lack of opposition that kept her frozen. It is interesting how the less complicated actions or lack thereof create the biggest affect. I don't know if this post has to do with anything really, it was just a thought i had.

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Kevin said...

Christie, -- I would argue that the sit-in is the act. The black man being bitten by the dog is engaged in an act of protest. In fact it seems to me that these individuals are engaged in what can easily be considered the paradigm examples of courageous acts.