Monday, March 12, 2007


In class we debated shortly the difference between discrimination against women and racism against ethnic minority groups. I said that these two discriminations are very similar. To clarify my point, in the sense of civil rights in America, women and blacks have followed a similar path, in which they both have worked for years for their freedoms, suffrage, respect, and to strive to bring a more equal meaning to the phrase "all men are created equal." Although in different forms, we see racism and sexism still today, in the workplace (the glass ceiling), in our media, etc. In that way, I believe the two issues are one in the same.


Karen O'Neil said...

I wonder, Doug. Certainly women have struggled to gain equal employment opportunities, but they've made tremendous gains in the past forty years. In fact, significant numbers of women are represented in every professional field today, and they are a significant majority in many colleges and universities. Moreover, women have not experienced the same social discrimination that African-Americans still face today. I don't mean to suggest that women do not face discrimination -- merely that it's not as intense and perhaps as destructive as racial discrimination seems to have been.

Harry said...

yeah dougie!