Thursday, March 15, 2007

Song of Solomon

I am eager to talk about what the characters in Song of Solomon represent, because even though the story is about the black community during the civil rights movement, it certainly is a parable to America as a whole during that time period. Maybe we could tie our discussions tonight about this and it would be beneficial.

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Karen O'Neil said...

Yes! In fact, it seems to be a metaphor for the whole civil rights movement. Check out Sitkoff on p. 83 when he quotes MLK as saying that the sit-in movement is a revolt against the apathy and complacency of the adult Negro community who guy homes and cars and ignore the larger problems. Doesn't that exactly characterize Macon? And somewhere in Sitkoff -- maybe someone else can find it -- there's a perfect characterization of the the differences between Guitar and Milkman. Maybe on 199 when he describe Malcolm X's by any means necessary and all whites as the enemy.